Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greetings =)

This mp3 is a bizarre amateur mix I made in Audacity (a free audio mixing software).

* The player below takes a minute to load the song. Be patient *

Better option: Click here to download the file.

It is the entire, uninterrupted 24 minute Pink Floyd song "Echoes", with random songs from ONE particular album layered over it at various points, so it is essentially a mash-up of two albums. The layered songs are from the album "Herehear" by (Josh) Wink.

The rhythms only sync up occasionally. The melodies are usually in a complimentary key, or at least interestingly dissonant. At some points the two sounds appear to be fighting for dominance, but more often then you might expect they manage to coalesce quite nicely. The trick is, rather than trying to force the pieces together in your mind (because trust me that will be exhausting), unfocus your ears - kind of like how you unfocus your eyes when you drive, & just absorb the sounds passively.

The story is as follows:

Back in 1998, in a college dorm room, me & my good friend decided one night to simultaneously play Echoes on his record player & play Herehear on his CD player. It was a fun experience, so I've finally tried to recreate it.

However rather than stay true to the original purist formula, I've tweaked things a bit to make it more fun for those of us whose neural receptors are all (or mostly) firing correctly these days.

Believe it or not I do really love Echoes by itself, despite how it may seem like I'm butchering it here, dressing it with so much off-tempo weirdness & brutality.

Love it or hate it, I had fun making it.

Dedicated to Misha, as I'm fairly sure it was his crazy idea in the first place.

Enjoy =)